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  • Credentials & Payment

  • What sort of credentials are required to order a delivery?

    Stone Age Farmacy offers delivery service to both medicinal and recreational customers. Recreational customers will only be required to upload a photo of their ID (must be 21 years or older). Please be prepared to present all documentation at the time of delivery.

    CA Medical Cannabis CardMedical cannabis patients (over 18) with a State ID card (issued by the Department of Health Services), qualify to purchase medicine without paying state sales tax. To qualify for this tax break you may need to upload a picture of the State Issued Card during the ordering process. Recommendation must be issued by a California-licensed doctor. Call us at (925) 420-4811 to have your letter verified if you have any trouble with the process.

  • Which forms of payment are accepted for delivery?

    Stone Age now accepts credit cards with PIN numbers! If you are not sure if your credit card has a PIN number, learn more about it here.

    You may also use our on-site ATM or make a purchase using your debit card with our Cashless ATM system.

  • Miscellaneous

  • What happens if I miss my delivery?

    On the specified day of your delivery, if you are UNABLE to be at the delivery location at the pre-determined time, please inform us by phone and your adult cannabis delivery will be pushed to the next available delivery day.

    If you are not available for delivery and do not notify us, your account will be marked as a "missed delivery." Multiple missed deliveries and/or making the driver wait will result in termination of delivery service for 30 days.